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In the beginning it was all taken care of by mother nature. Everything has its place. The top
predator would make a kill and they all would wait their turn to eat. The hyena, the jackal, the buzzard all come to eat in their turn, the the insect world would take its time with the remains.
Then the fly brings in the maggot, each creature all the way down until the acterial leel has its time at the aftermeal, until it was all gone. Nothing goes to waste in nature. Since everything has always been organic there has never been a problem with waste control. The earth seemed to bleed then heal itself and then cleanup with everyone getting a bit to eat, and so it was. This never-ending story went on for millions of years until us.
But now today, fast forward until now. Wit the creation of such things as the gamburger with fries and a soda. The population explosion. Packaging and food presentation, all food items mst come presented with large cup of ice-filled soda or water, a plastic spoon and fork and napkins. Fast foods resturants welcome the invention of the black liner bag and packaging. We have created a world of efficiency in the preservation, delivery and cleanup of food items. We seem to have fallen into this habit of dealing with the aftermeal or whats left of our eating habit as fast as possible.