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Finally, this undiscovered point of pollution is having a light shined upon it.  Its effects on us, our health, our quality of life, and what it is doing to our world is devastating.  Garbage is something that is produced from the mixing of trash with liquids. There is a distinct difference between garbage and trash. It is not grown, not harvested, its something that we create.   Everyday, we throw away a very big part of our world, our natural resources.  This is not something that has to happen. Simply by caring about ourselves, we can eliminate some of the garbage we create on a daily basis. Simply by taking self responsibility in what we do with our leftovers, we can eliminate the Aftermeal.  
The Aftermeal has a tremendous effect on our lives, our earth and the quality of life on earth that we all share.

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Imagine knowing a lot about liquid toxic poison that goes into our landfills—how it’s created, how we make it, what it’s doing to our city, country, world—and not being able to do anything about it because we don’t have the simple systems in place to allow us to stop killing ourselves, or poisoning the air, water, and seas. Or because we are too lazy to stop for a minute and think about what it is that we are throwing away,,,” our world “. Join our revolution against global warming and creating garbage, eliminating toxic liquids with changing this just one bad habit, the mixing of liquids with our trash (i.e., creating garbage).

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There are many holes in the Dam! But don’t drain the swamp! Find out how we are really poisoning our earth’s water supply. You only have to give more than two shakes of a donkey’s ass to prevent the poisoning of our water. Simply by changing one little habit: Stop mixing liquid and solid waste.  Care, we are all in this boat together.

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Meet the Characters

the people

The characters are you, me, and all of us who care about this earth, and all who live therein.

Edward Jones

So, this is me...

Edward Jones

Edward Jones is an author, engineer, inventor and earth loving activist.

Born a Southern boy in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, in Charity Hospital. Attended Harden Elementary School until the ripe age of nine. Lived at 2301 Tubelo Street. I think I was a naturalist since a child. Most of my childhood memories were spent remembering the lessons my mother taught me, like every summer, instead of playing all day long, I remembered summer school lessons taught by my mother. Which I had to attend whether I wanted to or not. Growing up, I found that these were the most important lessons of my life. The lesson of my ABCs as taught by my mother, Miss Ivy. A schoolteacher at the same elementary school. And her 1407 reputation preceded her.  My most favorite animals were birds. I had a thing for birds. I would steal all sorts of birds’ eggs out of the nest if possible and try to incubate them. I got as far as keeping them alive for at least a few days in the beginning, until I figured out how to feed them. Once, at night, I robbed some pigeon babies just hatched from an abandoned building. Took the two babies home and figured out how to feed them. I used a straw. Sucked some mixed cornmeal grits and milk up into a straw and kind of blew it into their gullets. Wonder of all, it worked, and they grew up. They thought I was the momma. As I came home from school some days, they got very hungry if I neglected to feed them in the mornings. So as soon as I would turn the corner over a block away, they would recognize and fly to me over a block away and hover over me and, landing on my outstretched hand, implore me to feed them. All the other kids thought I was special that the birds flew to me; basically, they were hungry.  As a boy, I fished in the gator-filled swamp just over the levy, where we walked with buckets along the railroad track during the spring to pick up all the little turtles born on land trying to make it back to water. The very first thing I built was a treehouse, in the china ball tree. The china ball tree was a very important tree as we used its fruit, the china ball, as bullets to our pop guns, which we made out of abandoned hosepipe. And that’s another story. We moved from New Orleans to Chicago in 1962, south side. Graduated from Harlan High School in Chicago Illinois, 1971. Growing up in Chicago was an education in itself. One only had to live there and exist and survive to consider oneself educated in life and survival. At which time after graduation, I went back down south to Johnson C. Smith University. I got to college on a hope and prayer, and a one-thousand-dollar loan from my mother. Which got me on campus. Where I tried out for every sports team available. Landed up on the swimming team. As I won a full scholarship to swim for Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina, 1971–1976. I graduated in 1976 with a BS in PE. At which time I relocated to Chicago and started life as an adventurous young man. I tried my hand at construction work, as I entered into business opportunity with investors to start up a construction company. I left Chicago in 1979 to relocate to Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1981, I attended Ceta CDI computer classes and began my career as a computer engineer, working on Cray Research supercomputers in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. That began my illustrious career as a computer engineer. Working for various Fortune 500 s/w companies. From around 1982 until early 2013, my main source of income was derived from working with computers. I attended Master Gardener classes at UC, and in 2015, I was awakened to a world that I had been in love with since my early life as a kid on the farm in New Orleans. Since I presently own  a farm, I started raising animals, like giant Flemish rabbits, guinea pigs, and worms. I started composting and loving it. Selling worms and guinea pigs and rabbits was a lesson in love of work. The symbiotic existence between animals and plants was fruitful and rewarding. I’m presently endeavoring to try my hand at writing as I have a product that I will have to explain to lots of people 55 I hope. As I was always motivated by things in nature, the condition of our environment has always been of concern to me. And when I’m motivated about something I usually do something about it.

A Story About.

Water conservation

This is a story about water conservation, and recycling. our earth is 75% water, our bodies are 80% water, in this country we contaminate our water once it is mixed in with trash which then converts it into garbage.

our earth, recycling its natural resources.

We simply have but to open our eye's to see the value of what we through away everyday, our natural resources, our earth, our lives...
simply by stopping the mixing of items of post-packaging, or trash.


Only the hands of man, can cause and eliminate this problem. Stop throughing away our world. By providing proper waste receptor canisters because there is more liquids in garbage than solids.
Stop mixing liquids, solids, and animal waste.



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